Good Governance

We provide effective solutions to complex challenges and help our clients achieve outstanding results.

Governance is concerned with the management and leadership of society, governments, and organizations. This includes the manner in which they structure and otherwise organize their activities, make choices and exert authority, and manage their relationships and responsibilities.


As an independent voice on public governance, Somali Research and Development Consulting (SRDC) seeks to be an active participant in the Somali state-building process. We are committed to the improvement of public governance in Somalia, both at the federal and state levels.



Somali Research and Development Consulting (SRDC) provides governance and risk management advisory services tailored to the public sector. We seek to help the government plan and execute strategic, evidence-based, creative policies that enhance public governance, react effectively to economic, social, and environmental concerns, and deliver on public accountability.

Governance & Strategy

Understanding governance and risk principles help clients improve capabilities, minimize risks, align decision-making, and improve culture and performance. We tailor our advice to the specific needs of our clients so that we can provide the most relevant and useful information.


Participants in our community consultations set their own goals and objectives for services and programs, which we then use to calculate their efficacy.

Leadership & Management

SRDC’s goal is to help leaders become more effective. Enhancing competence and self-confidence in leadership and management is one of our primary goals in our training programs for organizations. A more efficient and motivated workforce is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


When we work with you, we cultivate long-term changes in your key personnel’s attitudes and behaviors. These leaders are able to sustain an organization-wide culture of continuous improvement.